About this blog

During my daily work in IT the last years I have seen many people and companies struggling with IT technology. Some of them bigger, some of them smaller, sometimes throwing out millions of cash daily, sometimes stuck with control processes and unable to manage innovation and change, sometimes doing a great job creating real money. I have seen many people leaving their jobs or starting doing something completely different to escape the daily madness. I have met managers that were using the sledgehammer for all kind of problems and others being overwhelmed and unable to take decisions any more…

And I know well that I will not be able to save the world, either. I also may and will fail! Nevertheless there might be hope that my opinions may help some people to avoid some of the confusions and difficulties when dealing with IT related questions.  A key point for me here is to bring down the level of complexity to a level, where human brains can handle it. Isolating the essence is an enabler to take the right decisions (or at least to feel good at it 😉 ). And often this is the only way out, since the details are simply not known (e.g. think on new software technology and innovation).

Nevertheless I will not stay on a bird’s view all the time. This blogs will also provide insights and in-deep feedback, especially around Java related topics, as far as time allows.


I am working as consultant, engineer, architect and technical guy mostly in the Java area since more than 20 years. I have worked with numerous frameworks and solutions, integrated different technologies and also joined different architecture teams. As times goes by I got more and more also interested in the the topics beyond Java. This includes other technologies, frameworks, but also the “things around it” like resilient design, human-machine interaction, enterprise architecture, IT strategy, running systems at big scale, community work, education and social aspects. I am involved in different specifications af the Java Community Process and I am PPMC member of the A.


This is my personal blog, where I will put together my own feelings and ideas. Nevertheless Trivadis actively supports me by giving me time to write and research things (thank you for that!).


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